A Joyful Birth... Policies and Disclaimers


Policies and Disclaimers

A lot of this stuff sounds pretty impersonal and legal; however, it is required both for certain certifications and to minimize misunderstandings about what I do and do not provide.


Health Information

As a Doula, I am not a medical provider, and do not perform clinical tasks, such as blood pressure, fetal assessments, vaginal exams, etc.  I am present to provide for your physical comfort, emotional support, and advocacy.  I won't make decisions for you, but I will help you get the information necessary to make an informed decision.


Information and advice I provide through this website, e-mail, telephone, or other communication is intended to support, not replace or supplant, relationships between you and your chosen medical team/provider(s).


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I consider any information you provide to me to be confidential, including e-mail, phone, address or other identifying information, and health information.  I will not share it to any other parties without your express consent.


I may use your information to compile statistical reports to improve my services and as required by my accrediting agencies.  This may include studies on use of medication, type of birth, duration of labor, baby health statistics at birth (such as Apgar scores, etc), advertising effectiveness, customer satisfaction, and others.  In these cases, I will gather and report only statistics, not personally identifiable information.


In no case will I use your information to generate or sell mass e-mail lists (“SPAM”), telemarketing or mass mailing campaigns, or any other similar purpose.


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I operate and publish this website as part of my individual business as a certified doula and childbirth educator.  Operating expenses, including hosting and development, come solely from the revenue of that business.



I do not sell or host advertisements on this site.  Links to other sites are provided for informational purposes only and are offered without representation as to the services or products offered.  In some cases, I will express my personal experiences with those products or services; however, I make no guarantees as to either your expected experiences or the continued quality of those products or services.


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