What my clients are saying about me…

"You were truly a godsend.  We could not have done this without you, and you will always be a part of the story we tell when we talk about [our baby].  We knew that we wanted to have a particular kind of birth experience, and you were what we needed to make that happen.  Your kindness, encouragement and compassion helped us along the way, and your knowledge and determination saw us through to the end.  We both thank you so much."        - JP and MP

"Thank you so much for being here to support me both in class and during labor.  You are an amazing and invaluable part of my birth story!  I would not have been able to do it without you!  Thank you!"  -SB

 "You are truly passionate and talented at what you do!  We had a great birth experience.  We are excited to share our experience with others!" -MD and TD


"You were so great about listening to all our questions and encouraging us to be positive.  I cannot tell you enough how your advice and reassuring manner helped us....I  truly feel more empowered this time around.  I felt nature was in control this time instead of modern medicine."  -MB and JB

"Thank you for all you've done.  Your support thru my pregnancy, labor, and now have really helped!  You are amazing."  -JM, new Mom

“You were my anchor.” - RK, a grateful Dad

 "All of the information you gave us and preparation really paid off in making our labor and delivery an enjoyable experience....Not only were you incredibly helpful during my pregnancy but afterwards as well.  If it weren't for your help and support [with breastfeeding] I probably would have wanted to give up."  -AR and MR

 "You long surpassed the role of birth coach.  We are so blessed to call you our friend...It meant the world to see you by our side [during cesarean birth]....Thank you for all your research, mentorship and guidance.  We will always be grateful to you."  -JS and SS

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